Manuals can provide insight and education to many different areas where human trafficking can be identified and prevented.

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Out of the Shadows

Timea's memoir is available from Timea's Cause at a discounted rate for your conferences and workshops.

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For parents  


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Guide For Parents on Domestic Sex Trafficking. 

The Parents Guide is written by two mothers who's daughters were trafficked. Their stories teach about the behaviours and red flags of trafficked victims before, during and after being enslaved. 

The book also provides insight and education from Timea Nagy Payne as a survivor and from her front-lines experience. 

We provide lectures for churches,
town hall meetings and schools. 

Resources to help identity a Human Traffic Victim in your community. Here are a few to get you started but please, do some research because more often than not, trafficked victims live their lives unseen.

I Am Jane Doe Documentary on Netflix

"Anyone Can Be a Victim: Canadian high school girls being lured into sex trade"
CBC Article, 2017


“You don’t have control over your past, but you are in charge of your future by starting to live in the now.”

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