Survivor, Educator

& Social Advocate

Timea is considered the "face" of Human Trafficking in Canada, however she truly is so much more than that. This woman has been instrumental in the changing of a nation in how Canada views Human Trafficking, her commitment and passion to her work cannot be measured. 


Srg. David Hartless,

Ontario Police College Instructor

Human trafficking survivor, author, speaker, and social advocate Timea Nagy immigrated to Canada in 1998.  


Her nightmare unfolded in Toronto that same year after arriving from Budapest, Hungary in the hopes of finding meaningful employment. 


The daughter of a Hungarian police woman, Timea was held in a cheap motel at the hands of traffickers and forced to work in the sex industry.  

Ten years later, Ms. Nagy founded ‘Walk with Me’, a non-profit organization to assist victims of human trafficking and law enforcement agencies.

Current Work

In 2015, Ms. Nagy closed down her agency: ‘Walk with Me’, a non-profit organization to assist victims of human trafficking and law enforcement agencies due to ongoing financial struggles. As a result she started Canada's first FOR PROFIT Corporation, Timea's Cause Inc. A Social Enterprise to create her own funding and work with victims of Human Trafficking in North America.


  • Meritorious Service Medal

  • Prime Minister's Award

  • Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee

  • Attorney General Ontario

  • Free the Slaves International

  • Crime Stoppers

  • Ontario Victim Services

  • Joy Smith Foundation

  • Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada

Special Recognitions

Timea's story can be viewed at the National Human Rights Museum of Canada, Turning Point Exhibition


Speak the truth by Canadian Teachers Federation and John F. Kennedy Foundations 2015 Canadian Curriculum
"Human Rights Defenders"

Timea's Cause Inc. is a corporation committed to affecting change and shaping the future by creating second chances for victims of human trafficking across Canada.


Our mission is to educate and unite the community while creating sustainable funding for several rehabilitation initiatives for victims of sex slavery across Canada.


Timea's Cause Inc. is a company based in Waterloo Region that was founded in 2009 by Timea Nagy-Payne, an internationally known speaker and survivor of human trafficking.


Timea received hundreds of awards, the most notable ones being from the Prime Minister of Canada, Queen Elizabeth, and Free the Slaves International. Despite all of the recognition, in 2014 due to ongoing financial struggles. Timea and her board of directors decided to close her agency that provided 24/7 Mobile victim care and Emergency Safe Housing. 

New Direction

Timea was determined to find a way to continue teaching the public and helping survivors. She realized that moving from a non-profit agency to a for-profit organization that implemented a social enterprise model would allow her to do so. And so, in October 2014, Timea's Cause Inc. was born. 

Timea now offers training, public speaking, events, and manuals for purchase in raising awareness of how to combat human trafficking. 


“You don’t have control over your past, but you are in charge of your future by starting to live in the now.”


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