Sustainable Social Advocacy

Timea's Cause Inc., is a corporation committed to affecting change and shaping the future by creating second chances for victims of modern day slavery around the Globe.

Timea's Cause is the world's first survivor-led global educational and awareness firm specializing in modern day slavery awareness, prevention and education.

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Company Mission

To educate and eradicate modern-day slavery in our lifetime while offering second chances for Survivors of Human Trafficking around the world. 

Impact Statement

Our goal is to reach over 2 million people with our message, educate 50,000 professionals by 2024 and transform the lives of 3000 Survivors by 2025.

what we do

Unite * Educate * Transform Lives

Each of our brands was carefully crafted and designed to tackle and educate the public about human trafficking from different angles.

Our TC Online Institute offers credited courses for the Private and Public Sectors. The Now You Know Talk Show offers extremely unique conversations for the Public. LemonAIDStand is our "alternative" educational platform for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking.