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TC Brands were carefully tested and piloted by Timea and her team of Survivors. 

Timea's Cause reinvested and funded each Brand since 2015.

Each Brand was created with one purpose:

To offer education and awareness for the Public and Professional world create

Second chances for Survivors of Human Trafficking. 

Purpose of the Brand: Compliance/Education

Tc Online Institute provides compliance and risk assessment tools and education for the Public and Private sector. Learn more:

Purpose of the Brand: Public Awareness

Now You Know Talkshow is a Social Justice Talks show with Celebrities and everyday heroes about the layers and root causes of Human Trafficking, exclusively streamed via Youtube.  Learn more:

Purpose of the Brand: Education for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking

TC Lemonaid Stand is our alternative educational platform for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking. 

Learn more:

Brand history

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