A large portion of Timea's Cause Inc., net profit goes to support our in-house survivor initiatives in North America, but we are hoping to extend our efforts into Europe in the year 2022.

The following programs are offered in the past or in development to serve survivors of human trafficking by Timea's Cause Inc.

Timea's Causes Survivor programs

Timea's Market is a handmade bath and body shop offering transitioning and employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking in Ontario. 

From 2017 to 2020 the shop was able to employ up to 9 survivors full and part-time.

The survivors were able to update their resumes, gained real-life work experience and were able to secure jobs and move away from the sex trade all together.

Timea's Market employment program will resume in 2021.

Timea's Education department was able to offer part-time consulting opportunities since 2015 to survivors of sex trafficking and forced labour. Timea's training and educational materials were written with the help of individuals who have experienced human trafficking in one shape or form.

We also employed individuals behind the scenes. 

Our education department has paid out over $40,000 in contracting fees to survivors for their hard work. Timea's manual productions are currently on hold.

Timea's Retreat otherwise known as CHILL OUT was first held in 2017, in Cambridge, Ontario.

8 Survivors from across Ontario came and stayed for 4 days. They enjoyed outdoor activities, life skill classes and self-help/motivational classes by established mentors from the professional world. Timea's Retreat will resume on a regular schedule and will host up to 200 survivors per summer in 2022.

LemonAID Stand Coming soon!

Online mentoring for survivors across North America!

We hope to reach up to 50 survivors per month & we hope to engage and train up to 30 Mentors by the end of summer (2021).

Our online mentoring platform will offer a unique way for survivors to reach out if they are bored, in need of information about their social assistance, court case, want to learn how to cook or go back to school or just want to talk to someone.

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