Timea's Cause Inc., played instrumental roles in Mobilizing communities and sectors Locally and Nationally.

Law Enforcement

Ms. Nagy was the facilitator of Project Northern Spotlight, a cross country Law Enforcement operation targeting Sex Traffickers and underage victims. 

Service Providers

Timea's Cause Inc., Developed a National Community Mobilization training program to mobilize Service Providers and create a Victim care path model, each community can adopt and customize based on their needs.

As a result, Regional Human Trafficking Taskforces for Service providers were formed across Ontario and Canada.

Many of them are still operating and playing a crucial role in victim co-ordination and rescue. 

Just to highlight, one of the Coalitions was a direct result of Ms. Nagy's 2015 Community Mobilization workshop: Peel Region Human Trafficking Taskforce News release.

Financial Sector 

Timea's Cause Inc., was also the inspiration behind the now Globally known project called "Project Protect".

A project that was inspired by Ms. Nagy when she presented to the members of Canada's largest financial institutions and finished her speech with “a call to action”. She asked if the Banking community would come together and come up with a way of helping Law Enforcement and Victims to fight Human Trafficking. Peter Warrack, former Director of AML of BMO answered her challenge and 2 weeks later, Project Protect was born.

Learn more about Project Protect here.

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Timea's Cause 


Ms. Nagy assisted Provincial and Federal

Lawmakers to tighten the Canadian Criminal Code.

She provided a number of testimonies to the House of Commons and the Canadian Senate.

Laws she assisted with:

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She is also currently working with the United Nations Financial Taskforce and the Blueprint report.


Timea’s Cause Inc., spoke and educated over a million people in North America within the Private and Public Sectors.

Over 10k Textbooks were sold to Law Enforcement, Service Providers and Financial Institutions.


Speakers of Timea’s Cause Inc., and Ms. Nagy’s story has been documented and published in hundreds and thousands o media outlets and featured in documentaries.

Her book, Out of the Shadows is the #1 book on Human Trafficking in Canada right now.

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