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2020 Fall -2021 Winter

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming training. 

Our 8 Hour Self Phase learning Fall course will begin in October 2020 and will end in February 2021.

Each month we will provide 2 Live classes, but students will have the ability to watch the recording at a later date.

Students will take a short quiz at the end of the Course to obtain a certificate of completion. 

Once registered, our team will send the student a link to register on our TC Online Institute Learning site. 

Registration will be available on September 20th.

To secure your spot in the 2020 Fall Course please pre-purchase your seats now. 

Course description

This course will help you understand the Mindset of a Human Trafficked victim during all stages of their experience starting with Before being trafficked. Once you understand the Mindset of a Victim and the Stages of healing, then you can proceed with the modules that describe how to care for a victim in each stage appropriately and effectively.

The course will also allow you to learn about the different types of Human Trafficking, Cultural competence, root causes,  cultural and generational trauma, as well as how to come together and create a proper Victim Centered plan in your community. You will also hear about Best Practices from existing and successful coalitions in Canada and the United States. The course will end with Live networking and question and answer session. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with Service Providers from the other side of the country.


Presenters:  Survivors, Service Providers/NGO’s, Human Trafficking Trauma Specialist

  • Up to 12 hours of Online training

  • Live Questions and Answers with selected presenter

  • Secure, Specialized training

  • No travel necessary

  • Certification of completion is available by Tc Online Institute


Price:   $375.00 / person 


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION BEFORE SEPTEMBER 20TH:   $275.00 + HST for the entire course

Course dates:

11/16/2020   4:00-6:00

11/17/2020   5:00-6:00

12/07/2020   5:00-6:00

01/11/2020   4:00-5:00

01/12/2020   4:00-6:00

02/16/2020   4:00-5:00

Graduation/Live networking event


Suggested audience

Shelter workers, Front Lineworkers, Health Care workers, Safehouse workers, management, Board of Directors, Therapists, Counselors, Victim services, Youth workers, Caseworkers, Social workers, Housing, Ontario Works, but open to Law Enforcement as well.

Available now: Canada and the United States

Coming soon: Europe, Australia


2020 November

General Level 1, Human Trafficking Victims, and their mindset 120 min

  • Human Trafficking in Canada and the United States

  • Human Trafficking from the perspective of a Survivor

  • Victim’s Mindset before becoming a victim

  • Victim’s Mindset during being trafficked

  • Victim's mindset after rescue

2020 December

HT Module 1 - 60 minutes

Stages of Human Trafficking and the Mindset of a Victim

Victim care - approach accordingly

HT Module 2 – 60 minutes

Forced labour Human Trafficking

Victim Mindset of a Forced Labour victim

Victim care - approach accordingly

2021 January

HT Module 3 – 60 minutes

Community building

How to create a collective appropriate Victim care model in your community?


HT Module 4 – 60 minutes

Cultural and LGBT Competency Considerations for Victims

2021 February


HT Module 5 – 120  minutes

Safe House Policies, Procedures, do’s and don’ts.

HT Module 6 – 60 minutes

Case Studies and Best Practices



“Idea exchange” Live question and answers, with experts and experienced Service Providers from across the Country



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