When you choose DCR Financial Solutions, you're not only upgrading or complimenting your existing payout solutions,

you are automatically supporting our efforts to eradicate Modern Day Slavery every transaction at the time.

But you can also support your local charity at the same time.

DCR’s digital solutions can replace and upgrade out of date internal financial practices, offer cost-effective and speedy wire transfer, payroll solutions as well as complimenting your ongoing Branding and Promotional efforts.

The best part? When you switch to DCR Strategies Payment solutions you will automatically support your chosen local charity or cause.

No more donations, no more fundraisers, no more cheques.

Stop piling up Airmiles you will never be able to redeem!

Swipe for a cause!

Redeem your points in CASH! Donate them away!

Paycheques to PAYBACKS!

Payroll solutions from small to large corporations!

Shop for Good!

Online, cost-effective merchant processing!

Profit for Purpose! 

Branding and Marketing programs!


Imagine!  When you use DCR Solutions, with every swipe, every paycheque, commission payout, supplies purchases or corporate travel expenses you are piling up points and cash that can go directly to a Charity or the efforts to eradicate Modern Day Slavery through Timea's Cause Initiatives.

The more you spend the more you can give back.

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Suggested Industries:

Hotels, Hospitality, Travel, Financial Institutions, Mortgage companies, Real Estate,

Car Dealerships, Retail stores, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications,  Charities, Not or Profits,

Companies who work with seasonal workers, Agriculture, Farmers, Factories, Grocery Chains, 

 and many more

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