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March 16, 2021

March 16th

La Press + Quebec's largest newspaper releases a 2-page investigative report on Garage Clothing and the movement Timea has started, featuring quotes by Ad standards Canada, CEO of Garage, Timea Nagy and a concerned Parent.

La Presse, March 16th, "Send nude"

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February 16th

Garage Clothing released an email marketing campaign to their clientele, the name of the campaign was ‘SEND NUDES’. In the email, Garage Clothing write in bold letters “SEND NUDES” followed by “Swipe right on your new fav lounge looks, sleep sets, and more comfy stuff you’ll wanna get in bed with.”

February 16th 

Public outrage followed the email ad, where parents turned to news outlets to have their voice heard and ask the company for an apology and ad removal. Click here to read an article by City News Toronto about parental concerns. 

February 17th

There was a massive response on social media from advocates to parents trying to raise awareness and attempts to reach executives. Click here to read the initial posts from Timea Nagy. 

What you need to know about Garage Clothing’s “SEND NUDES” campaign

February 2021



February 18th

Timea Nagy, survivor and international advocate, released a video where she criticized the email ad and encouraged the directors of the company to do better! The video gained over 10,000 views on combined platforms!


February 19th

An emergency meeting was called for leading organizations and victim advocacy groups to create a united social media campaign and call to action.

Here are some of the organizations and individuals involved:​

  • FAST (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking)

  • Free Them

  • One Child

  • Maison Interlude House

  • Child Witness Centre

  • Courage for Freedom


February 21st

Our call-to-action video campaign lead by Timea Nagy, Founder of Timea’s Cause Inc., joined by name agencies, was released, calling out the directors for a change! Please share to your social media!


Here are the individuals involved:

  • Timea Nagy - Founder of Timea's Cause Inc.

  • Carol Todd - Mother of Amanda Todd

  • Joy Smith - Former member of parliament and founder of the Joy Smith Foundation.

  • Shea Invidiata - Founder of Free-Them

  • David Morneau - Legal Advocate for Children

  • Cheryl Perera - OneChild

  • Kelly Franklin - Founder of Courage for Freedom

  • Linda Smith - Maison Interlude House

  • Senator Julie Miville-Dechên

Read our call to action script here.

Directors of Garage Clothing:

  • Andrew Lutfy, and CEO Liz Edmiston (President and CEO at Groupe Dynamite, Inc.)


Are you up for the challenge?

Will you get educated?

This offer expires February 28th.


Please view the video here:


February 21, 2021

BREAKING NEWS - January 2021


We are excited to announce that the founder of Timea’s Cause Inc., Timea Nagy-Payne, has been appointed to the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council (ISTAC) with the Organized Security and Co-operation of Europe (OSCE). Timea is a human trafficking survivor, a best-selling author, a public speaker and a social advocate. She has dedicated her life to aiding survivors of human trafficking, as well as to public and private sector education about human trafficking prevention, detection, and eradication.

ISTAC Press Release -

January 2021

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