February 16th

Garage Clothing released an email marketing campaign to their clientele, the name of the campaign was ‘SEND NUDES’. In the email, Garage Clothing write in bold letters “SEND NUDES” followed by “Swipe right on your new fav lounge looks, sleep sets, and more comfy stuff you’ll wanna get in bed with.”

February 16th 

Public outrage followed the email ad, where parents turned to news outlets to have their voice heard and ask the company for an apology and ad removal. Click here to read an article by City News Toronto about parental concerns. 

February 17th

There was a massive response on social media from advocates to parents trying to raise awareness and attempts to reach executives. Click here to read the initial posts from Timea Nagy. 

What you need to know about Garage Clothing’s “SEND NUDES” campaign

February 2021



February 18th

Timea Nagy, survivor and international advocate, released a video where she criticized the email ad and encouraged the directors of the company to do better! The video gained over 10,000 views on combined platforms!

February 19th

An emergency meeting was called for leading organizations and victim advocacy groups to create a united social media campaign and call to action.

Here are some of the organizations and individuals involved:​

  • FAST (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking)

  • Free Them

  • One Child

  • Maison Interlude House

  • Child Witness Centre

  • Courage for Freedom


February 21st

Our call-to-action video campaign lead by Timea Nagy, Founder of Timea’s Cause Inc., joined by name agencies, was released, calling out the directors for a change! Please share to your social media!


Here are the individuals involved:

  • Timea Nagy - Founder of Timea's Cause Inc.

  • Carol Todd - Mother of Amanda Todd

  • Joy Smith - Former member of parliament and founder of the Joy Smith Foundation.

  • Shea Invidiata - Founder of Free-Them

  • David Morneau - Legal Advocate for Children

  • Cheryl Perera - OneChild

  • Kelly Franklin - Founder of Courage for Freedom

  • Linda Smith - Maison Interlude House

  • Senator Julie Miville-Dechên

Read our call to action script here.

Directors of Garage Clothing:

  • Andrew Lutfy, and CEO Liz Edmiston (President and CEO at Groupe Dynamite, Inc.)


Are you up for the challenge?

Will you get educated?

This offer expires February 28th.


Please view the video here:

Our Press Contact:

February 22, 2021


Canadian Contact Information:

RP Communications

Toronto, Canada

416 953-9949


US Contact Information:

Vicky Chavez

Founder and CEO

Titan House Productions

Austin, Texas, United States of America


Survivor lead campaign calling out GARAGE CLOTHING company Directors’ recent AD Campaign called "SEND NUDES"


Garage Clothing “Send Nudes”


Toronto, Canada, Feb. 22, 2021

PSA and Call to Action to the Directors of Garage Clothing Company on first National Human Trafficking Awareness Day


 Timea E. Nagy, Canadian Survivor, Best Selling Author and International Human Rights Advocate heads Timea’s Cause by going full force to get the attention of the executive leadership of a popular apparel company Groupe Dynamite and Garage Clothing (Source: The Message CA) after the email blast of their highly inappropriate “Send Nudes” marketing campaign. “Send Nudes” launched earlier this month which caused outrage in parents, survivors, social advocates, and global government leaders, including former Parliament members. Garage Clothing’s play on words is their manipulative and deceptive strategy to unethically drive company sales from their largely young adolescent client base. With young models taking selfies in questionable, highly sexualized poses, the public now demands accountability of the corporation for their use of sexualized language, encouraging highly-risky behaviour and exposing vulnerable minds to explicit content without proper disclaimers. The lasting effects behind the social stigma of “send nudes” inclusive of sextortion and revenge porn, permanently impacts the mental health of victims which can end with suicide. The company has yet to respond to attempts from Timea’s camp for contact. The call-to-action PSA is “Challenging the executives to take a one-hour Survivor lead education training to be more informed of the harm they are causing."

Timea’s Cause is joined by affiliate organizations who share the same view on #CorporateSocialResponsibility. Timea’s CALL TO ACTION hopes that the company will take responsibility and will take her challenge on receiving education, and perhaps to become a leader to make changes in the way corporations advertise for children. The grace period that Timea’s Cause has given Dynamite and Garage Clothing ends Sunday, February 28th. For more information on developing details visit:


Some of the organizations/advocates supporting the PSA:

Timea E Nagy, Survivor, Social Advocate, Timea’s Cause

Joy Smith, Former Parliament Member, Joy Smith Foundation

Shae Invidiata, Free-them

Cheryl Perrera, OneChild

Youth advocates

Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne

FAST (Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking)

Kelly Tallon Franklin, Courage For Freedom.

Mother of Amanda Todd, Sextortion victim

David Morneau, Child Witness Center

Linda Smith, Maison Interlude House

Paul Brent, Not In My City


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February 24th – Timea’s Instagram Comparison


Parents, quick question?

Can you guess which image is an escort ad where an adult female is selling her services for $200 / hour and which picture is a photo promotion for a baiting suit line by @garageclothing with an average age customers of 12 an 15?
What is your guess?

While there is nothing wrong with promoting self esteem, and sexuality, and It should not be a taboo, we have to understand that predators just waiting to find the next vulnerable teens to engage and eventually exploit.
We simply don't do enough education to prepare them how to make informed decisions when it comes to their online activities and relationships.

If you think this is wrong:
We launched a PSA asking the Directors of Garage to take a 1 hour educational course on why sexualizing children and promoting risky online behavior ties into Cyber and Sex trafficking.

Take a look at our latest real for more info



February 26th, 2021 – The PSA was posted again.



5,000+ people have watched our call to action and still no word from Garage. We need your help...

SURVIVORS and over 30 organizations came together in light of the Garage Clothing email campaign to show a united front and challenge the executives of the popular Canadian company to do the right thing.
The Challenge: To the directors of Garage clothing, we challenge you to contact us and take a 1-hour education on teen online safety and the harms your email campaign has caused. Garage
We are asking you to contact us, set up a time for your training, and once you understand the real damage your campaign caused, make IT RIGHT. Be the leader! Show Canadian parents, teens and the public that you truly care.
Watch our PSA and share the PSA:
TWO things you can do;
Send emails and letters to the company Groupe Dynamite and encourage their directors to take us up on the challenge.
SHARE IT with your network and ask them to do the same
Use hashtag:
Please visit our site for more information about the campaign here: 


February 27th, 2021– “Garage you missed the mark”

@garageclothing, we have said it once and we will say it again...

Time is almost up! We implore you to accept our offer to educate you on the impact of marketing on Human Trafficking before SUNDAY's expiration date. We KNOW you can do better and would love to join forces with you in female positive marketing campaigns! Contact us today! 


February 27th, 2021 – “Garage, time is running out”


@garageclothing, TIME IS ALMOST UP!
We implore you to accept our offer to educate you on the impact of marketing on Human Trafficking before TOMORROW's expiration date. We KNOW you can do better and would love to join forces with you in female positive marketing campaigns! Contact us today! 

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BREAKING NEWS - January 2021


We are excited to announce that the founder of Timea’s Cause Inc., Timea Nagy-Payne, has been appointed to the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council (ISTAC) with the Organized Security and Co-operation of Europe (OSCE). Timea is a human trafficking survivor, a best-selling author, a public speaker and a social advocate. She has dedicated her life to aiding survivors of human trafficking, as well as to public and private sector education about human trafficking prevention, detection, and eradication.

ISTAC Press Release -

January 2021

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